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YEA's Legal Form

Earth Advocacy Youth is the main space of a legally registered association based in Sweden, called Earth Advocacy. The association exists within the Swedish Tax Agency system, under the organizational number 802534-6456.

Financial Accountability

Every year, YEA compiles and examines all financial expenses and makes this information public to you on this website. This financial summary shows how funding has been distributed, including project expenses and salaries for YEA's paid staff. The financial summary is compiled together with an auditor in Sweden who helps ensure that all invoices are available and that all numbers match. At the moment, YEA is not financially supported by any foundation which means that all the work we do is on voluntary basis. Nevertheless, as soon as YEA secures funding, our projected budget is made available to the public. 


Creative and Inventive Decision-making

Our Decision-making Protocol will be uploaded shortly, awaiting final edits.

YEA's Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct lays the foundation for our entire work culture and defines how we treat both each other, others and ourselves. Is being finalized and will be uploaded in April.

Our Funders

Currently, YEA has no funders financing our activities. Nevertheless, a fundamental value for us is to ensure that the funding YEA receives is ethically sourced and is provided by a stakeholder that takes social and ecological responsibility.


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