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Sweden / Ecuador

Strategist & Director


Hana Begovic (she/her) is from Sweden and works as a strategic coordinator, project leader, and storyteller with the intention to amplify youth leadership in Earth-centered practices and actions. She is a dedicated, curious, and down-to-Earth person with a deep interest in Earth Jurisprudence.


Hana holds a degree in Global Studies, a program uniting peace and development research, gender studies, human ecology, human rights, and social anthropology. Hana is the Director of Earth Advocacy Youth and a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network.


Two of her favorite quotes, guiding her in her work are: "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." and "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

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Norway / Denmark


Katarina Hovden is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Her PhD work engages with ecological law and the rights of Nature movement. In particular, she is interested in exploring the potential for ecological worldviews to transform law and reconceive relationships.


Katarina is committed to advancing ideas and tools to acknowledge and protect the voices, agencies and needs of all living beings in law and policy. This important task requires us not only to reconceive our laws and policies, but also to confront our societies, cultures, and values. Believing that it is the mission of this generation to work in a conscious, compassionate and curious manner to embrace and co-create a multi-species society, Katarina is excited about the powerful contribution of youth on this path.

Katarina holds degrees in law (University of Cambridge) and public international law (University of Amsterdam). She is a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network, and a writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

Email Katarina: katarina@earthadvocacy-youth.org



South Africa


Hercules Wessels is a qualified attorney, practicing environmental law at Cullinan & Associates in Cape Town, South Africa. As an attorney, he combines his litigation experience with his passion for Nature and wildlife conservation and his vision for cultivating resilient, equitable relationships between communities and the environment they are part of.

As a legal scholar, Hercules researches national and international developments and advances made in the burgeoning field of Earth Jurisprudence. He has a particular interest in developing legal systems which would enable the rule of law to be understood within the context of Earth justice and planetary boundaries. He believes that part of this transition which would bring about resilient relationships between all species is to address the broken relationship between humans and other members of the Earth community through a process of restorative justice and expanding the application of legal concepts of intragenerational, intergenerational and interspecies equity.

Email Hercules: hercules@earthadvocacy-youth.org

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The Netherlands


Jessica den Outer has a Bachelor degree in international & European law and a Master degree in international environmental law. Environmental law brought her love for Nature and interest in law together. She has been involved in the rights of Nature movement since 2017, when she started researching national trends on the rights of Nature and the correlation with other topical themes. In 2019, she was recognized as one of the young professionals acting as Earth-centered law experts for the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme. She now works as a freelance consultant on various rights of Nature projects and collaborates in partnership with multiple organisations striving towards similar goals. One of her most exciting projects is the development of a campaign for rights for river de Maas in the Netherlands. Towards that end she has co-developed a traineeship on rights for river de Maas for students, the first in its kind.


Besides her consultancy work, she is also a board member and jurist at Earth Advocacy Youth. In 2020, she was recognised amongst the top 100 most sustainable young leaders in the Netherlands. Jessica is convinced of the bright future for the rights of Nature and continues to share the message that Mother Earth, the source of life, should have legal rights. 

Email Jessica: jessica@earthadvocacy-youth.org

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Elliot Connor is a young conservationist living in Sydney, Australia. He is also a skilled communicator, senior management executive and policy strategist with experience across two dozen charitable organizations. His theory of change seeks to develop a model for mass individualism: empowering future leaders to find their potential, connecting the connectors and generating grassroots impact globally.


From Quito, Ecuador to Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa to quiet Sydney suburbs Elliot brings his leadership acumen and systems thinking to bear on the most pressing issues of our 21st century. 

Email Elliot: elliot@earthadvocacy-youth.org




Legal Assistant and Well-being Coordinator


Julia Gilvad Rasmussen is a Danish/Swedish soon-to-be lawyer currently studying at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. She is specialising in International Environmental and Climate Law and has a passion for Earth Law and the Rights of Nature.


Her aim is to strengthen the purposefulness of the movement and help place all of Nature at the center of law.

Email Julia: julia@earthadvocacy-youth.org




Illustrator & Artist


Emma Bertipaglia has a Bachelor's in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and a Master's Degree in Development Practice. She is passionate about the Earth's web of Life and moved by the principles of climate justice. She has experience with organizations such as Concern, the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research, the UNFCCC, and the Global Landscapes Forum.


Through her work, she focuses on youth and improving climate literacy and awareness to galvanize climate action efforts. One of the ways she likes to showcase the beauty and the power of Nature is through art, and channels this passion as Earth Advocacy Youth's Illustrator.

Email Emma: emma@earthadvocacy-youth.org





Earth Advocate

Lena (she/her) is full of optimism and curiosity for life and the world. She comes from Germany, and currently studies a university programme in the Netherlands which is preparing her to become a Global Project and Change Manager with a focus on sustainability. Her passion lies in leading projects and amplifying diverse voices in the field of Human Rights and Earth Jurisprudence. 

With Rights of Nature, Lena combines her two passions to contribute to positive social change in relation to the Earth as a whole. As an enthusiastic Earth Advocate, Lena has so far contributed to Earth Advocacy Youth with the facilitation of workshops and the publication of an article focused on the global Rights of Nature movement. 

Email Lena: lena@earthadvocacy-youth.org





Earth Advocate


Niccolò is an LL.M. student in Law and Sustainable Development – curriculum in environmental law and policy - at the University of Milan. He graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Trieste, and is actively involved in youth advocacy for the promotion of international cooperation via MSOI (the youth branch of SIOI – United Nations Association of Italy).

He spent a semester in Finnish Lapland, where he could research and experience firsthand the effect of climate breakdown, particularly those of global heating, on the Arctic region’s ecosystem and on the lifestyle of northern Indigenous Peoples. Since then, he has been interested in delving into the implications of the impact of unsustainable anthropogenic activities on the Earth system and the solutions of its consequences under a legal, ecocentric perspective.

Email Niccolò: niccolo@earthadvocacy-youth.org