Small Strokes


We address the difficult questions. We do not shy away from complexity. We dare to experiment and take on hands-on activities where we challenge comfort zones and enable ourselves to be active agents of change. We explore the still unexplored spaces where Earth Jurisprudence can prosper and contribute to effective implementation of policies, laws and practices. 

We elevate and advance the way environmental groups, entities and movements around the world understand, experience, and speak about Earth’s living systems

(or “Nature”).

As young professionals ourselves, we believe it is fundamental to actively build advocacy-based youth representation and participation for Earth Jurisprudence. We raise the importance of youth in advocating for system change and work to amplify the role of youth in the spaces where we conduct our work. 

We actively reflect upon, question and examine our own actions, our words, our narrative, the preconceived notions that we may harbour, as well as the patterns and values that we (re)produce as individuals and as a group (read our compass)

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Intergenerational equity is central to our work. YEA considers the notions of intergenerational equity pivotal to the advancement of Earth advocacy following the 7th generation principle.

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