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Hana Begovic (She/Her) is from Sweden with Bosnian roots and is a certified Scrum Master with the intention to amplify youth leadership in Earth-conscious practices and actions. She is a dedicated and empathic person with a deep interest in Earth Jurisprudence, narrative/storytelling, leadership, and embodied culture.

Hana holds a degree in Global Studies, a program uniting peace and development, human rights, gender studies, human ecology, and social anthropology. Hana is a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network. She has also co-authored a book on ecopedagogy and the Rights of Nature, soon to be published internationally. 

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Earth Advocate


Lena (She/Her) is full of optimism and curiosity for life and the world. She comes from Germany and finished an Honours Degree in the Netherlands last year to become a Global Project and Change Manager focusing on sustainability. Her passion lies in leading projects and amplifying diverse voices in Human Rights and Earth Jurisprudence. Lena has held space on stages as diverse as for the COP26 in Glasgow, and passionately teaches on the topic of future generations in a Sustainable Leadership Academy. She now focuses on her Master’s in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability in Sweden.


With her contributions to Earth Advocacy Youth, Lena combines her passions to contribute to positive social change in relation to the Earth’s web of life. As an enthusiastic former Earth Advocate and current Governance and Programme Coordinator, Lena is excited to continue her journey in the global Rights of Nature movement. 

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Coordinator for the Piatúa Youth Initiative

Bio coming.

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Earth Advocate

Ayadi Mishra is a final year undergraduate Architecture student at the School of Planning and Architecture in Bhopal, India. She is passionate about contributing to bringing all of Nature back into our lives as humans and members of a larger web of life, where Earth Jurisprudence represents an essential source of inspiration. Playing her violin and catching a nice coffee break brings Ayadi joy. Prioritizing a well-rounded path on individual and communal levels is very important to her.

She believes in collaboration to make this vibrant world a better place. Systemic change is needed but only possible through multiple levels of engagement with a diverse group of people. This insight has gravitated her towards EAY and led her to become an Earth Advocate. She is now very excited to learn more about Earth Jurisprudence and co-create a space of growth and transformation at EAY. 

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Advisor on Innovation & Partnership Strategy

Niccolò is a 2nd-year LL.M. student in Law and Sustainable Development – curriculum in environmental law and policy - at the University of Milan, currently in exchange at Wageningen University. He is performing an internship at the Adaptation Division of the UNFCCC and has been involved for five years in promoting international cooperation via the United Nations Youth Association of Italy.

During his Bachelor's in International and Diplomatic Sciences, he spent a semester as an Erasmus student in Finnish Lapland, where he could experience firsthand the effect of climate breakdown on the Arctic region’s ecosystem and on the lifestyle of northern Indigenous Peoples. Since then, he has been interested in delving into the implications of the impact of unsustainable anthropogenic activities on the Earth system and the solutions to its consequences under a legal, ecocentric perspective.

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The Netherlands

EAY Advisor on Youth Advocacy

Jessica den Outer has a Bachelor's Degree in International & European Law and a Master's Degree in International Environmental Law. Environmental law brought her love for Nature and interest in law together. She has been involved in the Rights of Nature movement since 2017, and in 2019, she was recognized as an expert in Earth-centered Law for the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme. She now works as a freelance consultant on various Rights of Nature projects and collaborates in partnership with multiple organizations striving towards similar goals. One of her most exciting projects is the development of a campaign for rights for river de Maas in the Netherlands. Towards that end, she has co-developed a traineeship on rights for river de Maas for students, the first of its kind.




EAY Advisor on Rights of Nature implementation

Katarina Hovden is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Her Ph.D. work engages with ecological law and the rights of Nature movement. In particular, she is interested in exploring the potential for ecological worldviews to transform law and reconceive relationships.


Katarina is committed to advancing ideas and tools to acknowledge and protect the voices, agencies, and needs of all living beings in law and policy. This important task requires us not only to reconceive our laws and policies, but also to confront our societies, cultures, and values. Katarina holds degrees in law (University of Cambridge) and public international law (University of Amsterdam). She is a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network and a writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.




Advisor on Water Bodies and International Governance

Noémie is one intriguing chameleon, being French and Canadian with Spanish roots. She recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Public Law and Political Sciences, specializing in International Relations.

For 3 years, Noémie volunteered in WASH and Human Rights projects in Ghana, Zimbabwe, and the Dominican Republic. She has extensive knowledge of how the climate crisis is affecting the natural world, particularly from the perspective of water-related issues coupled with gender inequalities, peace, biodiversity, migration, and more. With this experience abroad, Noémie is now an Earth Charter Young Leader, a member of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association, and a Strategic partnerships Facilitator at the World Youth Parliament for Water. 

In her spare time, she explores the mountains with her horse. Her dream is that all sacred rivers and lakes around the world are legally protected entities with their inherent rights recognized in human systems of law.


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