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Check out the recorded webinars!

A GLIMPSE (2021):

Nov 18: "1-week Kick-off with our project manager, Hana!" Recording is available here.

Nov 20: "How do we balance rights and obligations in a space conceived to be beyond national jurisdiction?" with Nkeiru Scotcher. Recording is available here.

Nov 21, 14:00 CET: "What is done to protect marine biodiversity and how to contribute to its conservation, especially in the Polar Regions?" with Katharina Heinrich. Recording coming.

Nov 23, 14:00 CET: "Islands as spaces of innovation for marine biodiversity, beyond established socio-technical paradigm" with Karina Barquet. Recording is available here.

Nov 25-27: Youth for Ocean Digital Summit. Video playlist being made. 


The ocean was our beginning, and the ocean is our future


There is nothing as boundless or as breathtaking as the ocean. Covering 70% of the planet’s surface, the ocean is the most extensive ecosystem on Earth. The ocean is the blue lungs of the planet, contributing with over 50% of the oxygen that the Earth’s living beings breathe, and absorbing over 70% of the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere every day.


It is clear that human activity is profoundly damaging the ocean. For instance, more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. As an example, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently 4.5 larger than Germany in size. Also, overfishing corresponds to 34.2% of the global fish population. Notably, nowadays scientists are capable of tracing only 1% of all plastic pollution in the ocean, while the location of the rest is unknown.

The Summit


The Youth for Ocean Digital Summit is an initiative organized as part of Youth for Our Planet in close partnership with Earth Advocacy Youth, Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, and other youth organizations from around the world.

This Summit, held on November 25-27 2021, generated a powerful space where 100 young change-makers co-built 7 bold campaigns to demand tangible implementation of the targets defined through the High Seas Treaty, the CBD COP15, the UNFCCC COP26, and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


This initiative also involved 3 inspirational and informative Pre-Summit Webinars with knowledgeable researchers, to provide young leaders an overview of the state of the ocean and how it relates to the above-mentioned gatherings and agreements.

The Summit's four tracks

Where is the project heading now?


The Organizing Team of the Y4O Summit has, together with the mentors from each track, selected the most powerful, tangible, and applicable campaigns for Phase 2 of the project. We are now fundraising for this next phase which will involve providing support and coordination to the two selected campaigns teams as they implement their campaign. Awesome, right?

The High Seas

(Tying into the High Seas Treaty)


2) National Waters & Island States

(tying into the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration)

3) Ocean & Biodiversity
(tying into the CBD COP)

4) Ocean & Climate
(tying into the UNFCCC COP)


Meet our Speakers, Mentors, and Facilitators

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