One global youth-led Summit. 

200 young participants from all around the world.  

20 bold campaigns for the protection of the ocean’s health, integrity, and inherent rights.


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The ocean was our beginning, and the ocean is our future


There is nothing as boundless or as breathtaking as the ocean. Covering 70% of the planet’s surface, the ocean is the most extensive ecosystem on Earth. The ocean is the blue lungs of the planet, contributing with over 50% of the oxygen that the Earth’s living beings breathe, and absorbing over 70% of the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere every day.


It is clear that we are profoundly and severely damaging the ocean through for example overfishing, increasing CO2 emissions, and pollution, leading to ocean acidification, increasing sea temperatures, and rising sea levels.


Additionally, the high seas - the areas of the ocean further than 200 miles away from land – make up half of the ocean globally. Overexploited and struggling, the high seas need protection now more than ever before.

Tapping into global gatherings and agreements

Leaders around the world are currently negotiating and preparing for world-changing gatherings and agreements: The High Seas Treaty, the CBD COP15, the UNFCCC COP26, and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. At the same time, young people around the world are increasingly conscious of these threats and fervent about the ways through which they can protect the ocean and the Earth community as a whole.


The Summit


The Youth for Ocean Digital Summit is an initiative organized as part of Youth for Our Planet in close partnership with Earth Advocacy Youth, Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, and other youth organizations from around the world.

This inspiring Summit, planned for November 25-27 2021, will generate a powerful space where 200 young change-makers will co-build bold campaigns to demand tangible implementation of the targets defined through the High Seas Treaty, the CBD COP15, the UNFCCC COP26, and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


This initiative also involves 3 inspirational and informative pre-summit webinars in early August with knowledgeable researchers, to provide young mobilizers an overview of the state of the ocean and how it relates to the above-mentioned gatherings and agreements.


What guides us


The Summit has an Earth-centered foundation which means that it will be tailored to:

1) Promote the defense of the intrinsic rights of the ocean to exist, thrive, and regenerate.

2) Ensure that the important role of the ocean in biodiversity, ecosystem, and climate is recognized in these coming global gatherings and agreements.

The Summit's four tracks


The planned tracks are:

1) Ocean and Biodiversity (tying into the CBD COP15)

2) Ocean and Climate (tying into the UNFCCC COP26)

3) The High Seas (tying into the High Seas Treaty)

4) National Waters and Island States (tying into the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration)

During Day 2 and 3 of the Summit, we will focus on guiding the
200 young mobilizers in the development of their bold campaigns for the ocean's health, integrity, and rights. 

How the tracks work
When a young mobilizer signs up for the Summit, they are asked to select a theme they wish to apply in their unique campaign/action. At the Summit, this theme will become a themed track with 50 youth where you are teamed up and develop your campaign together with other mobilizers who have chosen the same theme. A knowledgeable mentor will be guiding your team and the other youth mobilizers throughout the Summit.

After the Summit
Up to 5 campaigns from each track are selected for Phase 2, to which we offer free technical support and coordination assistance for successful implementation. Awesome, right?


Application opens on September 15th!

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For too long, the world's dominant narrative and implementation of targets have not fit together. This has made too many policies, agreements and targets fail.
It is time to make the pieces fit. 

Build bold actions together with us this November.